Saf’s Review: Life Debt

“Though Life Debt is still third person present and still written with Wendig’s particular flair, the prose of this novel feels far more accessible and less eccentric than that of Aftermath’s, as if Wendig has settled more into writing Star Wars.”

Written for Tosche Station.

Lieve Oma: An Ode to Grandmothers

“With a simple, bright visual style, the game is kept visually lighthearted while the story touches on very real topics and themes that are relatable for both young and old.”


the-banner-saga-croppedTeacups & 1UPs: The Banner Saga

“I became bitter, and I could feel the same happen to Rook, the protagonist of much of the game. He and I became one, saddled with hundreds of people we couldn’t feed, and faced with decisions we didn’t want to make.”