I write science fiction that often explores humanity, relationships, and moral ambiguity. I have a particular fascination with artificial intelligence in fiction, and how the portrayal of such can contrast with and highlight human emotion.

Mountain Sound


With the cities aflame and massive warships silhouetting the sun, the human race is once more on the verge of destroying itself. The countryside was supposed to be far from the war, but death spreads like a virus—not that Efa would know. An android built for many jobs, Efa was given only one: to protect the sheep placed under her care.

Until a dying girl stumbles upon the flock, shattering Efa’s peaceful existence and forcing the android to think beyond her basic programming. The war is coming—has already come—raising new questions neither of them can answer alone. All Efa knows is that she cannot abandon her sheep.


My first serial, now complete, which tells an isolated story of an abandoned robot shepherd and a runaway orphan girl as they deal with the aftermath of a war that has destroyed both their lives.



After a fatal car crash, Allegra finds her artificial mind placed in a new body previously belonging to a young woman named Melissa. This body comes with more baggage than Allegra expects: Melissa’s best friend claims she was murdered, and seems determined to force Allegra to help her solve the mystery.

Newly struggling with depression and a shifted sexuality, Allegra must learn to navigate a stranger’s past, new relationships, and dark secrets that threaten to tear apart the lives of those she cares for.

My current ongoing serial set in a not-too-distant future, where AIs are placed within human bodies to live their lives alongside their biological counterparts. It is a mystery and a coming of age story about young adulthood, dealing with loss, and the fraught relationships that spring from the liminal spaces between being a teenager and becoming an adult.

How to Say Goodbye (With no Words)


A short fiction about a girl who meets a boy at a swimming hole and how her life is affected from then on. It’s a story about love, and a story about loss.

It is also about falling in love with a robot.