I’m an award-nominated podcaster who has appeared on a variety of podcasts since 2014. Though my main podcasts are Star Wars related, I also often speak about gaming and literature. I am known for my sense of humour and my passion for matters that are important to me such as diversity, mental health, and good storytelling.

Last year, I launched the Not Saf For Work podcast network. My intention for the network was to create a platform to bolster underrepresented voices and help new podcasters reach their potential. The NSFW network has grown and continues to grow and I’m extraordinarily proud of my podcasters.

Not Saf For Work podcast network

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Whoa Nessie logo small.png


Whoa Nessie

What do you get when you combine a nerd and an animal enthusiast? You get a podcast that takes you on a wild ride from the Scottish Highlands to a galaxy far, far away.  Follow hosts Amelia and Jade as they quest to discover the truth.

queerly there logo small.jpg


Queerly There

Queerly There is one part love letter, one part nerdy critical analysis, one part frustrated queer rant. Rowan, an intersectional feminist, huge nerd, and big queer, explores queer representation in media with humour, sincerity and in-depth research.

sapphic 300.png


Sapphic Skywalkers

What do you call a lesbian in space? A SPLESBIAN. Sapphic Skywalkers is hosted by two queer Star Wars fangirls, Lynn and Natalie, talking about their favorite splesbians in the galaxy far, far away, both canon and headcanon.

the intergalactic express logo small.jpg


The Intergalactic Express

The Intergalactic Express is a wild romp through time and space, AKA the explorations of Saf, Ruqiyah, and Alex as they put on their creator hats and analyse the creative process behind their favourite (or least favourite) media. Hosted by me.

The Lasso cover small.jpg


The Lasso

Wonder Woman has always stood for truth, justice, and love. Mike and Maia cover everything from comics to animation to the silver screen, making this your one stop shop for discussion, reviews, and perspectives on Diana of Themyscira.

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The Imperial Senate Podcast

Charlie Ashby, Nicky Kumar and Kristen Bates host a podcast dedicated to discussing STAR WARS! From the latest news to reviews and in-depth conversations about minor characters, the Imperial Senate Podcast is your number one destination for SW related fun.



Soon to join: Ace Space

A podcast about being ace and loving space hosted by Nic and Sho. Featuring discussions about asexuality and aromanticism, representation, and more.



Podcasts I co-host




Rogue Podron

A weekly book club podcast reading through the old Star Wars X-Wing novels, with much added humour.




Western Reaches

A fortnightly grab bag discussion of books, games, and other media hosted by two female writers. Very diversity focused, with frequent interviews and diverse topics. Filled with humour, deep analyses, and the camaraderie of two good friends.



Blaster Canon

A monthly Den of Geek podcast that breaks down Star Wars beyond the films, digging into ancillary material both canon and otherwise.




Of Dice and Droids (Mercenary group)

An RPG campaign podcast set during the Rebellion era of Star Wars using Fantasy Flight Games’ Edge of the Empire system.



Previously appeared as host/co-host on:

  • Ace Space
  • Now, This is Podcasting!
  • Forcecast
  • Queerly Represent Me’s “book club” podcast