I am a freelance game narrative designer, writer, and editor known for my collaborative spirit and quirky humour. For the past year I have worked with Dinosaur Polo Club and other developers on prototypes and in-development projects.

Love is Dead


Love is Dead is an action/puzzle game about love, death, and pancakes. I was brought on to do some cutscene writing, taking on a quirky, humorous tone. This was an amazing opportunity, as I adored the original Flash game, I Saw Her Standing There, when I played it years ago. Love is Dead can be purchased on Steam now.

Like You Mean It

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It’s time to dance…. like you mean it.

Like You Mean It is about communicating not with your words, but with your heart. This game was designed from its inception to be as earnest and sincere as possible. Although the concept of a dance-off is inherently competitive, Like You Mean It twists a dance-off to instead become a sincere conversation.

This game was created for April Fool’s Jam, which required the game to play a “joke” on the player. We wanted the punchline of that joke to be as wholesome as possible, rather than cruel. Therefore: a game about exchanging compliments with an alien who can only communicate via dance. Like You Mean It came third for its “Joke/Fool Factor”.

This was the first game created by The Emilies, a team consisting of Ruqiyah and I. We designed the game together and I wrote over 100 compliments to help create an experimental, emergent, and wholesome game.

if not us


Seven years ago, five heroes were brought together to save the world. Their success came at the cost of their leader’s life; the secret behind it cost them their friendship.
Now they’ve been summoned for a new heroic quest.
if not us is about the moment when they realise everything isn’t going to be okay.

if not us is an interactive fiction anthology told through five mechanically diverse interactive fiction games. I edited if not us, working with Ruqiyah to polish the narrative to tell a clear and cohesive story.

(in development)


Dynacorp is a procedurally generated platformer about one bot’s effect on an alien ecosystem. I worked with Rox Flame, the creator, to create lore for the characters and planet, and helped with refining the narrative arc of the game. I also assisted with writing promotional material during its crowdfunding campaign.

(july release)


Intimacy is a card game inspired by ars amandi, a technique used in Norris LARP to help players represent the physical and emotional intimacy between their characters.  While playing Intimacy, players will practice consent through touch and discuss what intimacy means to them.  

I came onto Intimacy as a substantive editor late into its development. My comprehensive editing also included formatting and general proofreading.



A branching interactive fiction with mechanics based around the Spoon Theory, created as an expression of living with a chronic illness. More information here.

(on hold)

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A dating sim based on Overwatch, initially spawned from #iluJam. I wrote Mei’s route, which I have narrative control over. I worked collaboratively with the team to write a story that not only contained meaningful choices, but also fit with the other two routes and the existing universe of Overwatch. Website here, which includes my post about making choices matter in branching narratives. Though this game is unfinished, my script is available to read when requested.

Everybody’s Sad


Everybody’s Sad is a VR game about pleasing others and self care. I contributed a very small amount to Everybody’s Sad in the form of a voice for a doorknob character.

Witch vs Twitch

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Created during Global Game Jam 2016 with the theme, “Ritual”. Within our larger team, I worked in a writing duo as a narrative designer, editor, and writer, creating the lore for Witch vs Twitch‘s world and scripting the dialogue for the two characters. Though the game is unfinished, my original dialogue and lore documents contain much of what I wrote.